The Challenge: Patent attorneys face the intricate task of crafting precise and comprehensive responses to office actions from the USPTO. The process is time-intensive, requires meticulous attention to detail, and is critical for the successful prosecution of patent applications.

The Solution: A seasoned patent attorney at a reputable law firm turned to IP Author. A ChatGPT-powered patent drafting tool, to enhance efficiency and accuracy in responding to office actions. With its advanced AI capabilities, IP Author streamlined the drafting process, enabling the attorney to generate comprehensive responses swiftly.


Over several months, the attorney utilized IP Author to generate six detailed responses to office actions. The AI’s understanding of patent law and its ability to integrate seamlessly with the attorney’s expertise resulted in high-quality drafts that required minimal revisions.


  • Efficiency: The time spent on drafting each response was significantly reduced, allowing the attorney to focus on higher-value strategic work.
  • Quality: Four out of the six AI-crafted responses were submitted “as is” to the USPTO, underscoring the tool’s accuracy and reliability.
  • Compliance: The responses adhered to USPTO standards, as evidenced by the US PAIR file wrapper records.

Client’s Verdict: 

The patent attorney experienced a notable increase in productivity. With IP Author serving as a reliable assistant in the drafting process. The attorney praised the tool for its intuitive use and the quality of its output, which stood up to the stringent requirements of patent prosecution.


IP Author has proven to be an invaluable asset for patent professionals seeking to enhance their practice’s efficiency and output quality. This case study demonstrates the tool’s potential to revolutionize office action responses. Offering a glimpse into the future of AI-assisted legal work.

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