AI Claim Drafting Tool


Redefine your patent drafting process with state-of-the-art AI technology, designed to streamline workflows, enhance precision, and minimize the risk of errors. Discover IP Author for patent drafting.

Achieve More Faster


Optimize patent drafting and response creation. Free up time for strategic IP decisions.


Ensure consistent, high-quality documents. Implement uniform best practices across the company.


Enhance collaboration and increase your team’s productivity. Streamline your review and approval processes.

What Makes IP Author State-of-the-Art?

IP Author combines the latest technology with our team’s expertise. See how:


  1. We process millions of patents yearly for 30+ of the world’s 100 largest companies

  2. The tool is built upon cutting-edge AI technology inspired by ChatGPT

  3. Our clients have cut down on project time with 2 to 10 hours

Generate Patent Claims in 3 Steps

1. Generate the idea (invention)

Start the process by conceptualizing and clearly defining the invention. 

2. Check for prior art

Conduct an exhaustive search with our AI-powered patent search engine. 

3. Get a complete patent draft

Enhance every step of the drafting process and finish a patent draft in no time.

All Features in 1 Solution

✔️Proprietary Patent Database: Access our exclusive database for accurate, reliable prior art references.

✔️Advanced Patent Searches: Conduct efficient novelty checks and strengthen claims with our advanced capabilities.

✔️Efficient Descriptions: IP Author quickly creates detailed descriptions and backgrounds for your patents.

✔️Intelligent Claim Construction: Customize your application with up to 20 method and system claims, compatible with both USPTO and EU standards.

✔️Visual Aids: Enhance your patent with clear diagrams and flowcharts tailored to your invention by IP Author.

Compare Traditional Costs and IP Author Solution

The chart shows a consistent decrease in costs for a client of ours after adopting IP Author, compared to the relatively stable costs of traditional methods. This clear cost reduction highlights the efficiency and financial benefits of our AI-driven solution.