Office Action Response

IP Author's Office Action Response module is useful for both corporate patent groups and also IP law firms. We also have turnkey solutions to integrate with your processes, please get in touch with us.  

This Office action response module is ideal for IP professionals who would like to see the potential of IP Author yet don’t want to provide any confidential information. The tool’s input is your publicly available patent number(s) to generate the office action response. 

Leveraging our advanced Gen AI technology, the module offers:

  1. Summarizing the examiner’s objections and rejections (rejection document summary)
  2. Customizable prompts to speed up your response preparation facilitating the capture of your embodiments.
  3. Exciting features to strengthen the arguments of selected claims, update the arguments, alerts to you when the office action draft response is ready for your review etc. 

We believe this module will significantly reduce the time and effort required to address office actions, allowing you and your team to focus on strategic aspects of patent prosecution.

Advantages of buying IP Author's Office Action Responses ($199 per response)

  1. When you have low volumes of office actions to respond to, this pricing is very useful to minimize costs. 
  2. You have an IP Author team member to draft the office action response for you. We ensure a polished experience for our customers sort of a white glove delivery. 

Advantages of buying the IP Author's Office Action tool ($499 per month)

  1. Unlimited office action responses, you can control costs with this fixed pricing. Ideal when you have more than 5 office actions per month
  2. Complete DIY gives you control on the output, you can ask your junior associates to use this option to save time.