Evidence of Use (EoU) Smart Assistant using Generative AI

Harness Precision in Patent Licensing with IP Author’s EoU Assistant

Elevate your strategic licensing initiatives with the power of AI precision. IP Author’s Evidence of Use (EoU) Assistant is your essential tool for navigating the complexities of patent licensing, offering unmatched efficiency and tailored solutions.

Evidence of Use Analysis using Generative AI | IP Author 

Why Choose IP Author’s EoU Assistant?

  • Strategic Matchmaking: Discover and align potential product matches to patent claims with unparalleled AI accuracy, ensuring every licensing opportunity is in perfect sync with your strategic interests.
  • Tailored Claim Mapping: Leverage our adaptive AI tools for dynamic claim-to-product mapping, fine-tuned for evolving patent strategies and market focuses.
  • Customized Analysis: Initiate reviews with laser-focused mappability, targeting products and companies hand-picked for strategic alignment.

Your Partner in Licensing Excellence

  • Quick Identification: Spot strategic licensing targets at a glance with IP Author’s smart, AI-driven analytics.
  • Claim Charting Simplified: Engage in simplified claim charting that underscores the most pertinent EoU findings, steering clear of irrelevant data.
  • Substantiation Made Simple: With our deep AI-assisted claim element mapping, substantiating EoU claims becomes straightforward, setting the stage for effective enforcement or fruitful licensing negotiations.

IP Author’s EoU Assistant is more than a tool—it’s your ally in the patent licensing realm. Experience a transformation in how you substantiate EoU claims, tailored specifically to enhance your enforcement or licensing activities.

Take the Lead in Licensing

  • Streamline your EoU analysis.
  • Pinpoint strategic targets with AI-driven precision.
  • Simplify claim charting and maximize your licensing potential.

Join the vanguard of patent licensing professionals who choose IP Author’s EoU Assistant for a smarter, more strategic approach.

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