IP Author Enterprise

Unlock the full potential of your intellectual property management with IP Author Enterprise. Our Gen AI-powered platform streamlines every phase of the patent lifecycle from initial concept to commercialization. Explore our suite of specialized modules designed for comprehensive IP strategy execution.

Invention Module

Initiate the patent process with our Invention Module, which uses AI to simulate attorney-inventor interviews, efficiently generating precise disclosure documents. This system ensures that every brilliant idea is captured accurately and completely, ready for further development.

Patent Drafting Module

Transform innovation into enforceable rights with the Patent Drafting Module. Our system comprehensively understands the problem and solution, generating essential components including editable diagrams and avoiding common drafting pitfalls, all within 15 minutes.

Patent Categorization Module

Customize how you classify technology with the Patent Categorization Module. Understand and align with the unique categorization perspectives of industry leaders, ensuring your IP aligns with specific market views and needs.

Office Action Responses Module

Navigate the complexities of patent office communications with our Office Action Responses Module. Generate detailed responses to every claim challenge, ensuring thorough, persuasive counterarguments that enhance the likelihood of patent grant.

Patent Search Module

With our Patent Search Module, tap into a robust database including our proprietary PCS and extensive non-patent literature. Match human analyst accuracy by identifying 70-80% of prior art, ensuring your innovations stand distinct in the global market.

Evidence of Use Module

Drive your patent’s commercial value with the Evidence of Use Module. Quickly link your patents to products in the market and expedite licensing efforts with automated claim charts, facilitating effective and lucrative patent deployment.

Explore IP Author Enterprise

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