Invention Management using Generative AI

Transform Your Invention Management with IP Author’s Customizable Platform

IP Author’s Invention Management module brings unprecedented efficiency and innovation to your intellectual property strategy. Tailored to the needs of today’s inventors and IP professionals, our system streamlines every step of the invention disclosure process.

Invention Management with Generative AI | IP Author

Innovation at Your Fingertips

  • Seamless Integration: House all your Invention Disclosure Forms (IDFs) within IP Author, linking them dynamically with our advanced Search module for comprehensive analysis.
  • Intelligent Customization: Cross-reference IDFs with an integrated database, surfacing the most relevant results and reducing redundant efforts.
  • Inventor-Focused Reporting: Generate tailored reports with the option to obscure patent-specific details, providing a clear summary and recommended actions based on results.

Redefining Benefits for Inventors and IP Teams

  • Streamline Filing Processes: Avoid duplicate patent filings and unnecessary expenses with intelligent IDF similarity checks.
  • Empower Inventors: Equip your inventors with crucial insights into pertinent prior art, fostering more strategic and refined IDF creation.
  • Accelerate Decision-Making: Make swift, well-informed decisions with concise search result summaries, cutting down on time-to-file and enhancing your patent portfolio’s caliber.

Take Control with IP Author

From idea inception to patent filing, IP Author empowers you and your team to take control of your innovation workflow. Experience a tool that adapts to your needs, providing both the overview and the detail required to make strategic decisions with speed and precision.

Ready to optimize your invention management and elevate your IP strategy?