Generative AI Patent Drafting

In the rapidly evolving world of intellectual property, staying ahead means leveraging the best tools at your disposal. IP Author redefines the patent drafting process with its state-of-the-art AI technology, designed to streamline workflows, enhance precision, and minimize the risk of errors. Discover how IP Author can transform your patent drafting endeavors into a more efficient, accurate, and seamless experience.

Experience the future of patent drafting with IP Author’s AI-driven capabilities, meticulously designed to enhance every step of the drafting process. Our cutting-edge features include:

  • Proprietary Patent Database: Gain exclusive access to our proprietary database for prior art references, ensuring accuracy and reliability in your patent applications with no more hallucinated data.

  • Advanced Patent Searches: Conduct thorough novelty checks and enhance your claim’s strength with our advanced search capabilities, designed to support your claim improvements efficiently.

  • Efficient Detailed Descriptions: Attorneys often find drafting the Detailed Description and Background sections cumbersome and time-consuming. IP Author streamlines this process, providing comprehensive sections in just a few minutes based on your input.

  • Intelligent Claim Construction: Tailor your patent application with method and system claims generated by IP Author, accommodating up to 20 patent claims. Our tool is versatile, supporting both USPTO and EU-style patent claims, with the quality of output hinging on the detail of your invention description.

  • Visual Aids for Clarity: Enhance your patent application with detailed flowcharts and block diagrams that clearly illustrate the methods and systems behind your invention, provided by IP Author based on your specific invention details.