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Enhanced Prior Art Search Capabilities


Use our advanced prior art search to speed up routine tasks. Free up valuable time for strategic IP decision-making, optimizing every step of your patent process.


Reduce the risk of rejections based on prior art issues. Get similarity scores and novelty summaries with one click.


Our efficient prior art search tool simplifies the review and approval processes, so you can modify your patent draft application within minutes.

Why Is Our Prior Art Search Flawless?

IP Author combines the latest technology with our team’s expertise, and we work continuously to improve its capabilities. 


  1. We process millions of patents yearly for 30+ of the world’s 100 largest companies
  2. The tool is built upon cutting-edge AI technology inspired by ChatGPT
  3. Our clients have cut down on project time with 2 to 10 hours

Tackle Prior Art Search In Less Time

Discover all the amazing features of IP Author’s prior art search tool:

Comprehensive Database Access: Gain exclusive access to our proprietary and expansive databases, including global patents, scientific journals, and other technical documents.

AI-Powered Search Algorithms: Use cutting-edge AI technology that quickly identifies and sorts relevant prior art, drastically reducing the time spent on manual searches.

Real-Time Results: Experience swift, real-time search results, allowing for faster decision-making and application processing.

User-Friendly Interface: Navigate our intuitive platform designed for ease of use, regardless of your technical skill level.

Cut Costs and Time Significantly

See how a client of ours adopted IP Author and decreased their patent management costs. Compared to the traditional methods, there’s a clear reduction. Discover the efficiency and financial benefits of our AI-driven solution yourself.