Filing a low-cost, rushed provisional patent application can make it challenging to thoroughly describe the technical details, background, and problem-solving aspects of the invention. The risk of insufficient disclosures in your filing may cause harm that you will not be able to fix in the future. 

At Dolcera, we understand the challenges inventors face in drafting high-quality provisional patent applications under tight timelines and budgets. However, when provisionals are written properly using our generative AI tool (which ensures data security/privacy), they can still provide that valuable year of patent-pending status. As a small or medium sized patent law firm, you can adopt this approach – leverage AI tools like IP Author to efficiently draft comprehensive provisionals, and suggest it to clients as a strategy to maximize their provisional filings. With generative AI based patent drafting tools, detailed patent provisionals become feasible even on startup budgets and timelines.

Typically, large law firms and corporations with sizable IP budgets will file a comprehensive non-provisional patent application first, and use that as their provisional filing. This means they don’t have to prepare anything further after a year. With generative AI-powered patent drafting tool. Even small and medium sized companies can now adopt this strategy of filing a detailed non-provisional upfront to serve as their provisional.

Some common mistakes and challenges that can occur when drafting provisional patent applications include:

  • Not providing a detailed written description of the invention. Most law firms struggle to research and flesh out all the technical details due to tight timelines and budgets.
  • Failing to prepare detailed drawings of the invention. Hiring skilled patent illustrators is often cost-prohibitive for many firms.
  • Not comprehensively describing all potential embodiments and variations of the invention. Under time pressure, attorneys may overlook enumerating certain embodiments.

This is where Dolcera’s IP Author comes in. IP Author is an AI-powered patent drafting tool that provides security and ensures data privacy. And confidentiality through zero data retention with OpenAI. It also avoids the above common mistakes that can creep into patent provisionals drafted under tight timelines.

With IP Author, patent attorneys can efficiently draft key patent provisional sections like:

Prior Art:

While not required in patent provisionals, analyzing prior art from Dolcera PCS can strengthen patentability and avoid unnecessary office actions later, saving clients money. IP Author enables rapid prior art review and drafting modifications.


IP Author can generate detailed technical backgrounds and invention descriptions within just a few hours.


IP Author is trained by patent attorneys and patent experts to draft provisional-style claims aligned to each attorney’s preferences. The tool adapts to any desired stylistic template with a simple prompt.


IP Author leverages AI to create illustrations, flow-charts and workflows by integrating with tools like DALL-E. Our development team is continuously refining this capability.

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