As a patent attorney, responding to office actions is often a tedious and time-consuming process, especially if you have many coming your way every month. With tight deadlines and clients expecting prompt turnarounds, it can be challenging to thoroughly analyze rejections, research prior art, and draft high-quality persuasive arguments – often taking 4-8 hours depending on the complexity. It’s also easy to succumb to writer’s block when dealing with convoluted rejections. On top of that, you need to benchmark yourself against peers as clients assess performance using some of the fancy predictive analytics tools out there.

This is where new generative AI tools like IP Author can transform your workflows. By automating rote tasks, these tools allow you to focus on high-level strategy, provide faster response times. And deliver top-notch service to clients.

IP Author from Dolcera is an AI-powered patent drafting + office action response tool that helps draft killer office action responses quickly and efficiently. Here’s how:

  1. Input the rejected patent number. IP Author summarizes issues into novelty and detailed explanations.
  2. It simplifies analyzing the examiner’s rejection, generating insights into citations.
  3. IP Author suggests strong arguments by examining prior art and your selected claims.
  4. It recommends claim amendments based on arguments and your feedback.
  5. Finally, it provides a template to address rejections in an organized, persuasive way.

IP Author streamlines responses for the following:

  • § 101 -“subject matter eligibility” or “Alice” rejection,
  • §102 – lack of novelty
  • §103 – the claimed invention is obvious
  • §112b -lack of adequate description

Just input the office action related details, and IP Author quickly analyzes the cited prior art and rejections. It accelerates the tedious legwork of researching case law, drafting arguments, and amending claims. This allows you to focus your expertise on high-level legal strategy and analysis rather than getting bogged down in the details.

By leveraging AI to streamline workflows, you can work smarter, deliver faster turnarounds, and provide better client service. This results in higher-quality granted claims, lower # of office actions, satisfied clients, and a competitive edge when compared to your peers in the industry. IP Author helps simplify the complex patent office action response process.

We recognize concerns that AI tools like ChatGPT can sometimes “hallucinate” inaccurate prior art citations. To avoid this pitfall, IP Author connects to Dolcera PCS – our robust patent search engine with hundreds of millions of up-to-date patents. By integrating real-time data from Dolcera PCS, IP Author ensures legally sound, factual prior art referencing. We only provide credible citations, avoiding common AI hallucination issues. This approach sets IP Author apart, delivering reliable AI-powered solutions you can trust. We understand some may be skeptical that AI can generate helpful legal analysis. That’s why we offer free sample office action responses and IP Author demos.

Experience our IP Author firsthand – contact us at for a custom preview showcasing its advantages for your AI based office action response workflow. We think you’ll be impressed by the realistic output. IP Author leverages AI responsibly to provide tangible value, without compromising quality.